HI Annette, 
I just walked in the door and have to say I was completely WOWED. Whichever duo that you placed at my condo today were absolutely AMAZING!  Best I have experienced to date!  Their attention to detail really stood out (I have a keen eye for details) and I can tell they really paid attention to those things as they immaculately cleaned my condo from top to bottom.  Can you please send my HUGE ThankYOU to them and if at all possible can they always come every second week ☺ 
Thanks and have a fabulous long weekend! 
Sheri, Langley.  February 2, 2018

Hi Annette, We just got home.  This is the first time the Pink Ladies have come when it's almost dark. They had closed all of our blinds for us and kept on a light inside for us. These little things mean a lot.
This is the third clean...they've been consistent each time with the major stuff, which I really like.  AND, each time, a little 'extra' gets done.
I know you had a VERY busy morning organizing your staff schedule, but your work totally paid off in my books!
Sincerely,  Kate - An EXTREMELY PLEASED Customer
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December 1, 2017

Hi Annette,
Please pass along a big thanks to the team that was here today!  They did a great job.  I usually do a mega-tidy beforehand particularly to make sure there are no toys scattered about.  But when I got home, there was a small ‘pile’ of stuff including a pencil, some small lego pieces, and a little piece to my daughter’s doll set….so I must have missed an area! lol I really appreciate their diligence in finding these small items and making sure they didn’t get vacuumed up.
They also squeezed in a task off my extras list which was very much appreciated as well.
Many thanks…. Laura.  July 28, 2017

Hi Annette, I wanted to say how happy my husband and I both were with the level of service your girls did on our house. The floors looked amazing and they really cleaned every area with such great detail. We would really like to use you monthly moving forward. Can you please let me know if you have any opening on Friday July 21st or 28th? Thanks again, we will definitely refer your company to our friends and families.
Mandy, Langley.   June 22, 2017
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 Hi,  Thank you so much for your hard working women. 
I was pleased with all the dust elephants �� they needed to tackle.  Hope it is much easier with the dust next time and they are back to the little bunnies �� Thank you and enjoy your day! 
House felt and smelled fresh and sparkling when they left.                    Rita ��, Fort Langley,  April 4, 2017


Good Afternoon,  I am writing to say thank you to your staff who came to our home for our last cleaning. After the last cleaning, we noticed that our ensuite shower had been scrubbed down and all of the orange mildew was gone! We did not even know that the mildew could be removed as it had been accumulating in the grout between the shower tiles for a long time. Unfortunately we do not know the name(s) of the staff but please pass along our thank you to whomever was responsible for helping make our shower so clean and bright. It made a huge difference and the extra effort did not go unnoticed.  Fort Langley Resident, January 16, 2017


Annette Kennedy with IM Cleaning Solutions have been taking care of our commercial cleaning needs on a weekly basis since 2008.  Since we do all our cabinet manufacturing on site, we create a lot of dust and dirt that flow into our showroom on a daily basis.  In the past with different cleaning companies, it was always a struggle to maintain a level of cleanliness in our showroom that we, and our customers expect.  Cobwebs, dust and dirt were always visible.   However, with Annette and IMCleaning we know that everything is clean and has been taken care of from top to bottom on a regular weekly basis.  I no longer hesitate when opening up a display cupboard for a customer because I wonder what kind of mess I’ll find inside.  We now have the confidence to show off our cabinets and products at any point in time and know that they will be at the high level of cleanliness we expect.  

I highly recommend Annette and IM Cleaning Solutions for anyone who wants the job done right.  She is a trustworthy, reliable and very detailed oriented owner.     

Ken Jungling, Owner,
Elite Kitchens & Bathrooms
101-6010 196th Street
Langley, B.C. V3A 5X3



Good afternoon Annette,  As we are always quick to point out negative things, I just want to take a moment to let you know how impressed we are with the quality of your team who are currently cleaning our facility.  They are friendly, thorough and very hard working.  It has been a pleasant change after our last experience.  Thank you! Kind regards,
Helena Zwart, Warehouse/QC/QA Manager 
27533 - 50TH Avenue 
Langley, BC V4W 0A2 
Ph   604-856-2110 
September 29/13

First rate job every time! Thank you for making my life so much easier. - Adam, Walnut Grove, 2009


It's so nice to come home to a clean house every week. It not only looks good, it smells good too. - Claudette, Langley, 2009  


I used to worry about what kind of cleaners were used in my home with other housekeepers. With IMC I always know that it is safe for my baby to crawl across the newly cleaned floor. I love that this company is "green" and aware of the importance to taking care of our environment. 
- Shelly, Walnut Grove 2008


We recently purchased a new home and have been struggling to keep it clean and tidy as we both work full-time and are new parents. We thought we could handle it on our own, but things just kept getting further and further behind. So when our neighbor highly recommended Annette and her crew, we had to give them a try. It has been three months now and I have to say that I wish we did this sooner. Life is so much easier when we come home each Thursday night to a clean home. Our weekends are have opened up, we can now spend more time with daughter and do the things we want to do on the weekend. Thank you, thank you thank you!! 
- Dave & Beverly, Langley, 2008

 Call for your complimentary in-person quote.

778-278-2973 / Info@PinkLadiesCleaningService.ca

I do really appreciate the work that you folks do.  I've had a number of cleaning ladies/services over the years and you are certainly the best and most reliable I've found! 

Jane Fee, Vice-Provost, Students. Kwantlen Polytechnic University
May 11, 2015

Hi Annette:   I just wanted to give a ‘thumbs up’ to the girls that clean my house!!!  They are amazing!   They actually do clean corners!!   My tile floor has been quite dirty and they have actually gotten down on their knees to scrub it!!!   This is quite amazing to me as I have never had a cleaner that did that!!!!   Thank-you for these girls!!  Carol, Langley.  March 28, 2015


Hi Annette,  Just a quick note of appreciation to my awesome cleaning team!  One of the ladies folded the kids’ towels soooooooooo adorably! Wanted to mention how much I appreciate their ‘finishing touches’……the toilet paper end is folded into a ‘V’, the blankets/cushions on the couch are nicely arranged, the hand towels in each bathroom are re-hung on the towel holder neatly, etc.  Those little details are *not* overlooked and are very much appreciated.  Please pass on my thanks to them both for their hard work in making my home sparkle and look so presentable!   Laura G, Sept 3, 2014


Hi Annette, Just wanted to send a quick note on what a great job your team did yesterday, our house has never been so clean!  Thanks,  Kara and Rick Abbing.  Nov 14, 2013

Hi Annette: Just an update in regards to my housecleaning yesterday, April 22nd: The whole house was outstanding clean and I was very happy with the results.  Tell Nanette & Lee thank you for me and that I appreciate their hard work, keen attention to detail and their patience working with Chico (our hairless sphinx cat) jumping all around them or on their backs while they were cleaning.  He loves them and I am so glad that they love him as he is quite a character. Regards, Kimberly Tillyer, Langley, April 22, 2013.

Hi Annette, Please extend my thanks to Nanette & Lee for another great job  yesterday!  I came home to such a lovely/clean home :-) They did a beautiful job of the microwave!  My husband and I were looking inside it last night wondering how they got it so sparkling!  They did a great job. Thanks a bunch to your team.  Laura, Langley,  March 13/13

Hi Annette,  I just wanted to say thank you - your crew did such a nice job on our house. It's just spotless :) :) :) I came home late this afternoon and my first thought was, "oh, it smells clean!!" Just great.  Thank you! 
Dr. Anuschka Brhelle Chiropractor, 
Certified A.R.T. Provider 
Touchworks Wellness Centre 
December 13/12   


By the way, we were very pleased yesterday.  The house looked really great!  And the little touches (like the fancy towel in the bathroom) are very much appreciated.  My dog seems to be going through an unusual shedding (its coming out in handfuls) so they cleaners really had their work cut out for them.  Thanks so much!  You really have no idea how much it means to me to have my house clean when I get home.  I can truly relax after a very busy day at workThanks,  
Cheryl, Langley, November 8/12    

Hi there Annette! Could you please tell the ladies that came to my house yesterday, that they did a fantastic job. What a pleasure to come home to! Have a stupendous day! 
– Bridie Robinson, Walnut Grove, April 2012 


Hi Annette, I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful cleaning this week. It was wonderful to come home and know that all that work had already been finished! It feels strange spending a Saturday morning doing anything else but cleaning! Thanks again for everything!  Fort Langley Resident, April 2012

Just want to say that the two cleaners you sent today, did a fantastic job! I'm finding that I am able to keep up with the tidying etc., but the deep cleaning is what I just don't have time to do, so this was such a big help. I felt bad that I didn't warn your team about the state of our ensuite bathroom, but I just haven't had time to get on my hands and knees and do the tough scrubbing, but it looks 10 times better now!! I would like to look at getting a bi-weekly service and see if that is enough for me, if not I may change it to a weekly service down the road. What days and times are available?  
Thanks,  Lori,  Langley, April 2012 

I'm very pleased with the house cleaning. They make it sparkle, which I love. Thanks,  Christine P, Fort Langley,  Oct. 2011


Annette,  Exceptional work by the Team! Bravo, my house was just smiling at me when I got home.  
Gordon Bishop, Walnut Grove, Oct. 2011 


Hi Annette. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are with the service from your crew. I came home today and even the toilet roll holders were shiny! I'm glad that you hire people to uphold your high standards and that they care to do a good job as yourself. I am so very happy that after over a year of service the quality hasn't diminished at all.  I have to tell you how nice it is not having to worry about a major clean up every weekend and instead spend time with my family doing things we actually enjoy. Having your company clean our home adds to the quality of our life. Thank you again to you and your great crew for doing such a good job.  
Loris Barbieri, Walnut Grove, 2011 


Hi Annette, I keep meaning to drop a line.... Just to say thanks.... The house really looked great after last week's cleaning.... It does every time. I cannot say enough how much we appreciate it! - Sian, Walnut Grove 2011 


You came to my house in April and helped me out cleaning my house before my family left for a 4 month trip to Asia.  You did a wonderful job and I was relieved to not have to do the cleaning as well as everything else that needed to be done then. When my house sitters asked about getting a cleaner before we came home, all I could remember was your first name.  She managed to find your number and she had 2 of your girls come for 6 hours as a treat for us for when we came home.  Can I just tell you what an INCREDIBLE job they did? Our house was absolutely immaculate and even my mother- in-law was impressed (she's a hard sell).  It was a wonderful gift to come home to a clean house and i really appreciate your work.Thanks so much.  I just wanted you to know how happy I was with your work.  I will call you again and will recommend you and your team to anyone looking for a cleaner.   
Noni Goertzen, Walnut Grove 2010


Just want to say that the team that comes to our place is doing a great job, we are very happy!  I have also seen that they are really great with Koda (our dog) even when she bombards them at the door to say hi, they are very patient.    
Thanks - Lori , Willoughby, 2010